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An Apple-centric technology podcast that reviews the week in consumer technology news.

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  • Episode 6: Dongle in the Box

    September 9th, 2016  |  1 hr 3 mins

    This week the guys discuss the iPhone 7 event and the new Series 2 Apple Watch. Did you miss the iPhone 7 event? Get the two hour event condensed down to under ten minutes here or under two minutes here. This show happened quickly without a lot of...

  • Episode 5: Siri, where's my pizza?

    September 6th, 2016  |  40 mins 38 secs

    This week, Brad and Jim (minus Brian) discuss the week's events European Commission rules Apple should repay Ireland 13bn euros Apple slates Sept. 7 for iPhone 7 introduction and the iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup Samsung makes waterproof phones but...

  • Episode 4: iBrian

    August 27th, 2016  |  49 mins 7 secs

    Bloomberg reports that Apple is building a Snapchat competitor Pandora aims to compete with Spotify and Apple Music with two new paid tiers. Dalton Caldwell's interview from 2010 in regards to music licensing...

  • Episode 3: Not-O-Pilot

    August 21st, 2016  |  58 mins 58 secs

    We might be getting a Space Black iPhone for the first time ever. Jim talk about his new phone case. Twitter might be live streaming NFL games on Apple TV T-Mobile has brought back the unlimited data plan but HD video is $25/mo extra, tethering...

  • Episode 2: One Percenter Music Club

    August 12th, 2016  |  45 mins 30 secs

    Follow up Friend of the show, @berial, updated us via Twitter that Xbox One will not be adding DVR functionality for OTA broadcasts, Jim is very disappointed.  Brian points out there’s a pricey alternative.    Mark Gurman,...

  • Episode 1: Don't Take the Loaner iPhone

    August 6th, 2016  |  55 mins 2 secs

    Recorded August 5, 2016 - The guys talk about Pokemon, Sling TV, securing a webcam & microphone (Cslide - and Micro Snitch - , bad Apple retail experiences,...